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A work by Elia Koussa performed by David Danel at Tehran Contemporary Music Festival

A work by Elia Koussa was performed by Czech artist David Danel at Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, on April 26, 2018. It is entitled “Sermon of an ex-statue”.

TCMF is an international event in the fields of contemporary music. It is an independent cultural and artistic event held annually with lectures and performances including experimental and improvisational presentations. It took places this year at the end of April, with musicians from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland who attended this year. A total of 130 musicians in 27 ensembles have entered the lineup of the event.

About  “Sermon of an ex-statue” or fdrfh

“fdrfh (shadrafah) was a north Arabian god worshiped for protection and prosperity by the Arab and Aramaean tribes living in and around Palmyra in southern Syria before Islam. In the story “Layl”, written by the composer of this piece a year ago, many of the ex-gods of the arabic and middle eastern region are sought, revived and transformed to archetypes, becoming teachers, reminding other statues of their salvation. fdrfh, as a response to the destroyers (of statues and culture), is the protector or shepherd, given the task for care and help of others, reminding of innocence, compassion, support and honesty, away from the modern concept of safety (spread by the modern “consuming hospitals” (medias, fanatic religions…)).

Elia Koussa

Bassam Saba : the new head of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music

Congratulations to the new head of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, Mr Bassam Saba, wishing him great success in his new mission.

Flashback from his concert at Masrah el Madina, on 30/07/15.
Listen to Uyun Havasi, from Bassam Saba’s concert with April Centrone on Drums and percussion, Abboud Saadi on electric bass and Elia Koussa on the piano, by clicking here.


Poésie et Piano – Avril 2016

L’Institut français de Tripoli et la Fondation culturelle Safadi ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la Lecture performance de la poésie de Nada Sattouf.
Accompagnement au piano par Elias Koussa.
Présentation par Dr. Souha Mourad – Université libanaise.
Avec la participation de Ram Rastikian et Savio Haykal.
Samedi 16 avril à 18 h au Centre culturel Safadi.

Nada Sattouf est née à Tripoli en 1966. Au Québec, où elle a résidé pendant 10 ans, elle a fait paraître Mémoires et un sommeil (2006), Bayt (2009) et le Mur (2011), en plus de compléter un doctorat en création littéraire à l’Université de Sherbrooke. Elle est aussi l’auteure de Postiche ouvert au vent (1997) et Attente prévue (2000), tous deux publiés aux éditions Dar al Jadid. Nada Sattouf enseigne à l’Université libanaise et à l’Université de Balamand.