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On “non-integrated music”

I want here to express a mystic idea related to the human nature. In the first weeks of the embryo in the mother’s womb, the audio-vocal apparatus form a unity, voice and ears are one. It is only some weeks later that the hearing shall be distinguished from the voice. This reality makes me believe that the core of what we say, sing or even play has to be one with what we hear; in order to share our voice, it has to be integrated in our inner ear with its full meaning. I thought that the problem of our contemporary world is that we speak a lot superficially without perceiving the effect of our words, and we do a lot of work without reflecting on the consequence of our action. Also, we write what I call “non-integrated music”,  a music we do not listen to inwardly and therefore we do not really know how it influences the listener. If the audio-vocal function is originally one, then it is important to know and be inspired by this reality. It is a great idea to use microtonality in our compositional systems, it would extend our tuning systems, our harmony, as well as our thoughts and imagination, but only externally. Are we integrating this new harmony so that it extends our being? Are we making it a second nature? Can we sing or play it on a string instrument? If we cannot sing or play it, then we cannot hear it and vice versa.

By ©Elia El-Koussa 2020. All rights reserved
From “Upwards in Time”, to be published soon.