Musical works

You will find in this section a non exhaustive list of Elia Koussa’s composition.

2019six genera studies, for guitar solo written for the Anna-Amalia guitar competition in Weimar Germany.
2019Wajed, a fairy tale, a piece for tenor recorder, narrator and tape, written for the Lebanese recordist Farid Rahmé.
2019Crossing vision, a piece for accordion solo written for the German accordionist Maria Loeschner commissioned by the Deutsche Komponistenverband. Performed at the Kunsthalle in Erfurt – Germany in October 2019.
2018“Histoire qui se déchire sur le corps d’une femme”, lyrical drama, in one act, on an adaptation of Adonis’ poetry book for the soprano Caroline Solage. Grant by the CPML and the Lebanese ministry of culture to write the work (05-02-2018).
20173 songs on words by Marie-Josée Rizkallah

2017 Shdrfh, for violin solo, premiered by the Czech violinist David Danel in Prague in June 2017.
 2016 Scherzo in form of a constitution, for the fallen sculptures, for saxophone and orchestra (with tape). To be performed in 2018 in Buenos Aires by Saxophonist Enzo Cordero.
 2015Layl, for tape
Nawras, for tape
Wajed, for tape
 “five minatures” for cello and flute, peformed in five concerts in Lebanon, February 2015 by ensemble Handwerk (Daniel Agi and Niklas Seidl). Will be performed by ENSAMBLE CONTEMPORÁNEO ANDINO on September 29, 2017 in San Juan Argentina at Victoria auditorium
2014 “Upwards in time”, for 19-div trumpet solo, performed bu Stephen Altoft at the american festival for microtonal music in New York in April 2014.
2013 – 2014 “Ritual comedy” for orchestra, performed by the Lebanese philharmonic orchestra under the direction of Emmanuel Siffert in April 2015.
2013“wa nabqa”, for flute, clarinet, microtonal trumpet, cello and percussion.
Performed in Krefeld and Bonn in 2013 and 2014 by ensemble Chronophonie
 2011 – 2012“A bao a qu”, septet for two violins, viola, cello, contrabass, bass clarinet and bassoon, written for the czech ensemble Prague Modern. Performed in Prague in April 2012.
2011“Music for the adventures of prince Achmed (act II)”, for a silhouette film by Lotte Reiniger (1926). Written for the Frühjahrstage festival 2012.
Performed by ensemble Marges in Germany (Weimar) and Italy (Florence).
 “Embranchements” for three percussionists, Cello and piano. Performed in November 2011 in Beirut by Symblema Ensemble (from France).
 2010“Mandala” orchestra piece with synthesizer and Arabic soloists, in four parts.



“Echo”, Trio for flute, guitar and piano. Performed by Ensemble Marges in   January 2010 at the American university of Beirut, Kulturzentrum in Jounieh and at the university of Balamand.
2008“Nach innen” (“Inwards”), Duo for soprano and cello. Commissioned by the Randspiele Zepernick Festival, Berlin. Performed by the Japanese soprano Eiko Morikawa.
  “Marthiyat al-Hallaj” (“An Elegy for al-Hallaj), Orchestra piece. Composed on the basis of a poem by Adonis.
Performed at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” (Leipzig), Conductor: Manolo Cagnin.
 “Waves” for bass flute, oboe and bassoon.
Winner of the Weimarer Frühjahrstage Competition and of the Baerenreiter prize at the festival for contemporary music in Weimar 2009. Performed by Carin Levine, Peter Veale and Pascal Gallois (Aeolian Trio).
 String quartet.
2007“Klavierstück”, Piano piece.
 “8 aus 25 Tagen”, for choir and five instruments.
Composed on the basis of a poem by Adonis.
2006Trio for alto flute, guitar and violin.
Performed by the Marges Ensemble in Eisenach, November 2006; at the festival “INTERFACE BEYROUTH, the Beirut of Education” (Berlin) by ensemble Courage, September 2008; And by Modern Art Sextet in Berlin in 2009 and at other venues (Jena, Weimar, Leipzig, Volkenroda).
 “Prelude”, Sextet for clarinet, French horn, guitar, accordion, violin and cello.
Performed at the “Jugend Musiziert” competition 2005 by the Bidun Wakt ensemble.
2005“Ta’ammol”, Sextet for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano.
Commissioned by the Komponistenverband Thüringen and interpreted at the Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2006.
Also performed by the MoEns Ensemble at the Goethe Institute, Prague (2006). 
2004“Über den Schlaf der Seele in der Tiefe des Meeres” (“On the sleeping soul in the depth of the sea”), for eight string instruments and piano.
Commissioned by the Herbstserenade Festival, Zingst (2004), performed by the Aurora Quartet, additional musicians and the composer on the piano.
Also performed inWeimar.
 “Frozen Figures”, Duo for French horn and piano.
Performed at the Randspiele Zepernick festival, Berlin (2006), Winner of a honorable mention citation at the “international music prize for excellence in composition (2011).
Also performed by Sebastian Schindler and Elia Koussa in Weimar Germany 2004.



“Pezzi movimenti”, Thirteen piano pieces.
Performed by Ukranian pianist Victoria Yermolieva in Weimar Germany, 2004.
Other musical works include: Gedichte für Streichquartet (2001), 2 Lieder (2001), Trio for clarinet bassoon and percussion (2001), Theme and variations for flute and piano (1998), 3 preludes for piano (1998).

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